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Longest 3-point route (v2). To view just the map, click on the "Map" button. (33,557 on ; reverse of route is significantly shortersee v8) v6 route Chimchememel' Russia - Duyker Eiland, South Africa 31,766 km (626 km) ( Google map route no longer exists, submitted by David Jackson on xkcd ) Longest land leg route entry (v6). South Africa's Quoin Point is (or was, depending on the current routing) a common starting point for many

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of the routes. The trip takes 529 hours (22 days) and 33,612.

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( view route ) v3 route Shchukozero in Russia via Izingolweni in South Africa to Talon in Russia ( Google map route 46,176 km). Lisbon, Portugal to Pahang, Malaysia takes 8 days 16 hours and 17,482 km ( view route ) The 20,000 km all-land route limit still stands. V2 route Mpahlane in South Africa via Riksveg in Norway to Talon in Russia (31,377 km). Africa's complex routing may provide a solution. For example, you cannot drive from Bejing to New Delhi (As of this is no longer true. I say this because the kayak option has been removed. Gibraltar to Magadan in Russia (15,394 km). It used to be that Portugal to Malaysia was a very doable and relaxing 8 day drive at 15,787. Nico came up with the first entry (see v1 route below a 33,156 km route from an Unnamed Road in South Africa to Magadan via Norway.

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Blind Spots and Humor If you play with routes in Google Maps you'll quickly notice that some parts of the world do not appear to be connected to the smarts of the routing algorithm. The current longest route in this category is a 48,504 km trip from the Mou Shkola arp high school in Severnyy Kvartal in Russia via South Africa ilmaiset kotivideot halpa puhelinseksi homo back to Talon in Russia. These examples amply demonstrate that the internet was created by amatööri alastonkuvat seksitreffit haku homoseksuaaliseen people with humor and is used largely by people without. Mpahlane in South Africa via Riksveg in Norway to Talon in Russia (31,377 km). Longest 3-point route (v1) by Nico Tsaousis. Also, routing in Africa is now more optimized, shortening all the trips from south Africa. Along the National Highway in Australia for 2,121.

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Katiuska trans venezolana en Ecuador.

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( view route ) Thanks to James Robertson for finding this exhausting 2,121 km single leg trip. Grand Mosque of Bandung, built in 1812 and expanded several times, the mosque was completely rebuilt in 2006. Architecture fans may visit the Art Deco style. This topic has been previously discussed on xkcd forums. Longest land leg route entry (v10). A "driving direction not found" error appears. It starts with "Head northeast toward R317." and ends with "Turn left". Paris Van Java shopping mall, you will find all the brand names from Abercrombie to Zara. This route is now significantly shorter (13,322 km).

gay alaston mies naurunappula kajaani google maps

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( view route ) v4 route Pearly Beach, South Africa - Sidi Bettache, Morocco 18,260 km (84 km) ( Google map route 12,673 km on ) Longest land leg route entry (v4). The routes below are the current answers to the challenge. You get a much deserved rest stop. And the most pressing question: can you reach the sorrow at the world's end? These holes in the driving fabric pose a challenge in finding long routes.

gay alaston mies naurunappula kajaani google maps